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Replacement Panels

Is one of your module's front panel damaged? Do you want to update to match our new aesthetic? Purchase a replacement faceplate and give your module a fresh look.

Note: The Bias and CV attenuators on the µVCA were switched starting with the 2016 edition. If you are planning to update your panel, check to make sure your knob positions match the current version.

Firmware & Manuals

Below you will find firmware and manuals for all of our products that have them available.

Windows Users Note: Additional drivers need to be installed when running the Intellijel Firmware Updater from a Windows PC the first time.

Manual Firmware
40 Watt AC/DC Power Supply Data Sheet
60 Watt AC/DC Power Supply Data Sheet
90 Watt AC/DC Power Supply Data Sheet
Atlantis Manual (2018.09.13)
Illustrated Supplement
Audio I/O Manual (2018.09.13)
Audio I/O 1U Manual (2018.09.13)
Audio I/O Jacks 1U Related Manual
Buff Mult Manual (2018.09.13)
Buff Mult 1U Manual (2018.09.13)
Cylonix Cyclebox II Legacy Manual
Dixie2+ Manual (2018.09.13)
Dixie2 Legacy Manual (2018.09.13)
Dual ADSR Manual (2018.09.13)
Dubmix Legacy Manual
FlipFlop Legacy Manual
HexVCA Legacy Manual
Hub Manual (2018.03.26)
Jellysquasher Manual (2018.09.13)
Linix Manual (2018.09.13)
Metropolis Manual (1.30 / 2018.09.13) v1.36Mac / Win
Mind Meld Legacy Manual
Mixup Manual (2018.09.13)
Morgasmatron Manual (2018.09.13)
Mult Manual (2018.03.26)
Mult 1U Manual (2018.03.26)
Mutamix Manual (2018.09.13) v1.13Mac / Win
Noise Tools 1U Manual (2018.09.13)
Octalink 1U Manual (2018.08.03)
OR Manual (2018.03.28)
Pedal I/O 1U Manual (2018.09.13)
Pedal I/O 7U Case Adapter Related Manual
Pedal I/O JACKS 1U Related Manual
Planar2 Manual (2018.09.13) v1.0Mac / Win
Plog Manual
Plonk Manual (v1.1 / 2018.09.13) 1.13Mac / Win / Factory Presets
Polaris Manual (2018.09.13)
Frequency Responses
v1.02Mac / Win
Quad Inverter Manual (2018.09.13)
Quad VCA Manual (2018.09.13)
Quadra Manual (2018.09.13)
Quadra Expander Related Manual
Quadratt 1U Manual (2018.09.13)
Rainmaker Manual
FCC CE Compliance
FPGA Update Guide
1.07/140Mac / Win / FPGA / Factory Presets
Rubicon Legacy Manual
Illustrated Supplement
Rubicon2 Manual (2018.09.13)
Shapeshifter Manual (v2.03)
FCC CE Compliance
FPGA Update Guide
2.03FPGA / Programmer
Shifty Manual (1.11 / 2018.10.14)
Manual (1.01 / 2018.09.13)
v1.11Mac / Win
Spock Legacy Manual
Springray2 Manual (2018.09.13)
Steppy 1U Manual (1.00 / 2018.10.10) v1.0Mac / Win
Tetrapad Manual (v2.0 / 2018.10.25)
Manual (v1.10 / 2018.09.13)
v2.0Mac / Win
Triatt Manual (2018.09.13)
Unity Mixer Manual (2018.09.13)
µFold Manual (2018.09.13)
µJack Manual (2018.09.13)
µMIDI Manual (2018.09.13) v1.15Mac / Win / Configuration Utility
µMIDI 1U Manual (3U version) v1.15Mac / Win / Configuration Utility
µMIDI Jacks 1U Manual (3U version)
µMod II Legacy Manual
µScale Legacy Manual (2018.09.13)
µScale Legacy Manual
µVCA Manual (2018.09.13)
µVCF Manual (2018.09.13)