µMIDI Jacks 1U

DIN/USB Input Jacks

USB and DIN jacks for interfacing MIDI equipment with the µMIDI 1U module. Our 7U cases have the jacks built-in, this 1U Jacks module is for the rest of you.

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Sync It Up

This module links to either the new MIDI 1U module, or to the older µMIDI 1U module, providing them with a USB connector and 5-pin MIDI input jack.

NOTE: This module is not needed if you have the Intellijel 7U performance case, since that case comes with rear mounted MIDI I/O jacks and a USB connector.

Specs + Downloads

ManualMIDI 1U (1.2 / 2023.01.13)
MIDI 1U (1.1 / 2021.06.07)