Gate Expander

Open up the gates

Expand the functionality of the modules like Metropolix with eight additional gate/trigger outputs.

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The Gx (Gate Expander) adds 8 additional Gate/Trigger/Clock/Logic outputs to compatible modules like the Metropolix.

On Metropolix you can configure the Gx via the “MX” menu. Functions such as transport control, per stage gates and mod lane clock outputs are example options.

It connects via ribbon cable to the I2C expansion port of select modules in the intellijel product line.



Multitrack, Performance-Oriented Pitch, Gate and Mod Sequencer

The Intellijel Metropolix is a unique and powerful multitrack Eurorack musical sequencer. With an abundance of hands-on, tactile controls and a wealth of modulation possibilities (both internal and external) you can quickly and easily create infectiously musical sequences that are never boring. Even the simplest melody can be brought to life with seemingly endless options to create variations or real-time manipulations.

In the studio or in a live performance, the Metropolix is sure to become a staple source of fresh ideas and killer riffs in your creative process.

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Specs + Downloads

Power8mA @ +12V
0mA @ -12V
ManualMetropolix (v1.4 / 2022.04.04)
Metropolix (v1.3 / 2021.07.04)
Metropolix (v1.2 / 2021.04.25)
Metropolix (v1.1 / 2021.03.17)
Quadrax (1.4 / 2023.04.27)
Quadrax (1.3 / 2021.09.22)
Quadrax (1.2.1 / 2021.03.09)
FirmwareNo Firmware