Quadrax EOR/EOF Expander

Open up the gates

Expand the functionality of the Quadrax with eight additional gate/trigger outputs.

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The Qx expander adds an EOR (End Of Rise) and an EOF (End Of Fall)  trigger/gate output to each of Quadrax’s four channels, enabling Quadrax’s envelopes, cycles, bursts and LFOs to trigger external modules.

The definition of EOR and EOF vary depending on which mode is assigned to the corresponding Quadrax channel. Please see the manual for a more detailed explanation.

Requires the Quadrax to function


Quad Function/Burst Generator/LFO with CV Matrix

The beating heart of your modular.

Whether you are exploring the unique channel functions, CV modulation matrix or chaining options, it is quickly apparent that there are infinite possibilities to explore. This powerful and tactile modulation generator will quickly become the beating heart of your modular system.

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Specs + Downloads

Power8mA @ +12V
0mA @ -12V
ManualQuadrax (1.4 / 2023.04.27)
Quadrax (1.3 / 2021.09.22)
Quadrax (1.2.1 / 2021.03.09)
FirmwareNo Firmware