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7U Performance Case — B-Stock

Have modular. Will travel.

Two 3U rows house and power all the modules you love (or one day hope to love), while the additional 1U row accommodates an extensive selection of specialized utility modules. Power, audio and MIDI/USB jacks on the back handle all the necessary inputs and outputs, ensuring all that rack space remains free for the "fun" modules. The lid has enough clearance to keep your system patched in transit, and two cases can be stacked with a set of joiners.

4U Palette Case — B-Stock

Backpack modular.

With 62hp of rack space, you can piece together powerful but focused mini systems and control surfaces. Intellijel's 1U row and built-in i/o ports add a ton of extra utility to bring the most out of your eurorack modules. Truly a palette for the sonic artist.  
$299.00 $279.00

Quadra Expander

Expander for Quadra Module

Shaping Time

Take your Quadra a step further, allowing you to modulate your shapes with other shapes or with themselves. Time plays with time and amplitude. Triggers fire as the cycles complete, attach shapes to each other for never ending evolutions. REQUIRES QUADRA MODULE.

In stock

$130.00 $90.00

Dubmix Mini Expander

Level control, direct outputs, and master sum.

An expander for a classic

Dubmix Mini Expander Connects via a single ribbon cable to Dubmix. Adds voltage control over the levels of the 4 channel inputs. Direct outs plus a stereo return jacks. The Mini Expander and Aux Expander can both be connected to a Dubmix at the same time. REQUIRES DUBMIX MODULE.

In stock

$70.00 $20.00