Accutronic Spring Tank

Spring reverb tanks. Three sizes with three different sonic characteristics. If you have a Springray2, you'll need at least one of these tanks, but know that you have enough connections on a single module for all three tanks!


Spring. Sprang. Sprung.

Three spring reverb tanks. Three distinct tonalities. Go ahead and collect them all — you know you want to. And you have enough gozintas and gozoutas on your Springray2 to attach all three tanks… simultaneously.


Versatile Real Spring Tank Reverb Module

Physical Analog

A true spring reverb is an almost magical device. Deceptiviely simple in concept but capable of producing extremely rich and hauntingly beautiful sounds. Not just a retro novelty; spring reverbs are still used extensively whether it is nailing a classic dub reggae sound, adding some shimmer to a synth riff or creating some space on a vocal track in a big studio. This is a reverb that rewards real-time tweaking: crank the feedback, sweep the filter and play with the ghostly feedback drones that ensue. Better yet, try animating them with CV and inserting other modules into the feedback path.

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