Audio I/O 1U

Dual Balanced Line Audio Inputs and Outputs

Better Together

Dual Balanced ins and outs for the studio or the road. Interface your rack with the balanced line level world; send and return to pedals or desktop FX units; patch in and out of your DAW, external synths, drum machines and other line-level instruments. Our 7U cases have the 1/4" TRS jacks built-in, but we have a 1U Jacks module for the rest of you.

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Four Lane Highway

This module allows you to interface your Eurorack modular system with the line level audio world outside it. Use its two output channels and two input channels to send and return audio to rack-mount or desktop FX units, patch in external line-level instruments (like synths or drum machines), output audio to a DAW or mixer, and so much more.

This module connects, via ribbon cable, to either the Audio I/O JACKS 1U module or to the built-in audio jacks in our 7U performance cases.


  • 2 x Balanced TRS 1/4″ to Eurorack modular level input paths.
  • 2 x Eurorack modular level signals to Balanced TRS 1/4″ output paths.
  • 4 x two-stage LED VU meter to monitor all inputs and outputs simultaneously.
  • Uses high quality THATCorp balanced line drivers and receiver ICs.
  • Input path has up to 20 dB of gain which allows you to patch in and boost low level consumer level signals.
  • Output path steps a nominal Eurorack level (10 Vpp) down to +4 dBu with up to +6 dB gain.

Specs + Downloads

Power39mA @ 12V
28mA @ -12V
ManualManual (2019.02.05)