Legacy Modules

Tributes coming soon, but if you’re looking for firmware or manuals for any of our past products jump over to the support page.


Mission Control

All the essentials to control and sync your rack to your computer, iPhone/iPad, or hardware MIDI device. No menu diving or configuration scripts, just two buttons. Get crazy with external modulation and sequencers, or just sync your rack's clock from your MIDI bus.

Audio I/O 1U

Better Together

Dual Balanced ins and outs for the studio or the road. Interface your rack with the balanced line level world; send and return to pedals or desktop FX units; patch in and out of your DAW, external synths, drum machines and other line-level instruments. Our 7U cases have the 1/4" TRS jacks built-in, but we have a 1U Jacks module for the rest of you.

Audio I/O Jacks 1U

TRS jacks for interfacing external 1/4" equipment with the Audio I/O 1U module. Our 7U cases have the 1/4" TRS jacks built-in, this 1U Jacks module is for the rest of you.

Audio I/O

Better Together

Dual Balanced ins and outs for the studio or the road. Interface your rack with the balanced line level world; send and return to pedals or desktop FX units; patch in and out of your DAW, external synths, drum machines and other line-level instruments.

Audio Interface

Azimuth II



Voltage Control

Sometimes you just need a quick audio mixer; a voltage offset; a CV mixer; an attenuator; an attenuverter; or just a voltage. Mix and match to your needs.


Make/Break the Rules of Logic

Derive complex rhythmic sequences from basic sparse sources like a gate sequence or random source. Add CV from an envelope, LFO, or controller to modulate the logic types for even more complex results. Possibly enough logical fun to make Spock smile.

Quad Inverter

Opposites Attract

You can almost always find a use for an inverse voltage. Use a single voltage source for panning and crossfading your VCAs and filters. Make your kick sound huge when you use inverted envelope to duck out your main mix. The inverse is always complementary.

Cyclebox Expander

Cylonix Cyclebox II


The Heart

The beating heart(s) of your rack, the analog oscillator. If the Dixie2's six waveform outputs don't offer enough shapes for you, the PWM, sync, and FM inputs have you covered. Great in pairs, two hearts are better than one.

Dr. Octature II


Dubmix Aux Expander

Dubmix Mini Expander

An expander for a classic

Dubmix Mini Expander Connects via a single ribbon cable to Dubmix. Adds voltage control over the levels of the 4 channel inputs. Direct outs plus a stereo return jacks. The Mini Expander and Aux Expander can both be connected to a Dubmix at the same time. REQUIRES DUBMIX MODULE.

Korgasmatron II

Korgasmatron II Expander


Six Pack

Whether you're working with CV or Audio signals, VCAs are infinitely useful. We've packed six linear VCAs into a single module. Envelope a couple of oscillators on two channels and use another pair to dial in the modulation on your filters. You'll be glad you have a couple left when you come up with another killer idea.


Instant Melodies

When you're crafting melodies and patterns, nothing beats the immediacy of dedicated controls. Metropolis patterns are built in stages not just steps. Each stage has four dedicated controls to dial in instant melodies, repeats, skips, and slides. Dive in deeper to adjust direction, quantization scales, clock dividers, shuffle, and more. Inspired by the Ryk M-185 System 100m, the Metropolis has built its own reputation.


Beyond Mixing

Blending signals and mixing audio is what patching is all about. Consider mixing up to six audio or CV signals down to three separate busses. Now take it a step beyond by sequencing or toggling mute states on the incoming signals with CV from a clock source, sequencer or even a random source.



Shapes and Time

Control voltages can be thought of in terms of shapes: vertically you change intensity and horizontally you play with time. When you modify both, you create waves, ramps, slopes and curves. Quadra offer four channels, each one linear or exponential, triggered or cycling, held or release. Shape your sound.

Quadra Expander

Shaping Time

Take your Quadra a step further, allowing you to modulate your shapes with other shapes or with themselves. Time plays with time and amplitude. Triggers fire as the cycles complete, attach shapes to each other for never ending evolutions. REQUIRES QUADRA MODULE.


Push the Envelope

Snappy, classically analog envelopes with visually intuitive controls. Add trigger buttons, cycling and a variety of control voltage outputs—then double it—now you've got the Dual ADSR.




Warm and Squishy

Forget clean and sterile. This proudly analog compressor is here to color and transform your audio in special ways. Everything from the discrete RMS detector to the proprietary tube and tape emulator circuits to the honking big transformer on the back of the module are all there to add some special analog sauce to your mix.


Into the Fold

Traditional subtractive synthesis starts with a complex waveform and then filters it down. A wavefolder allows for the opposite: start with simple waveforms and then fold it over itself to create extremely rich and complex timbres. Animate the fold and symmetry controls with CV to add even more life and movement to the sounds.


Get it out of your Rack

Record everything. You never know when you're going to hit that groove and when you do you'll be glad you captured it. Eurorack signals are really hot, tame them down to line level for your mixer, amp, or recorder. Monitor your patch thought the low noise headphone amp.

µMod II


Make Anything Musical

Your modular system is capable of generating complex, fluid and interesting voltages. Use the µScale to transform these voltages into musical pitches to control your oscillators and other sound sources. Modulate the results to introduce musical changes and patterns. Experience the magic of turning chaos into harmonious tones.


µStep ModuleModule


Cyclebox II Expander





Korgasmatron I (Corgasmatron)

Mind Meld