4U Eurorack Case

Great starter. Great expander.

You're either looking to get started in eurorack or you're hooked and it's time to expand. Our 4U cases include a 1U row that opens you up to a ton of our utility modules. With side entry power, the 1U row, and a powerful 30W power supply, this case is wide open for your favourite modules. Stack them up in your studio with a set of joiner plates, or take it on the road in our gig bag.


A Bento Box for Modules

These simple, stylish, cleverly designed Eurorack modular cases balance smart functionality with elegant form.


  • Single row Eurorack module space (3U) with additional 1U row along the top for mounting all sorts of essential utility modules.
  • Super strong extruded aluminum design
  • Highly resilient surface finish that has been anodized and sandblasted
  • Threaded inserts allow for modules to be mounted with standard M3 screws, no sliding nuts!
  • Pairs of slots run along the three sides of the case. Each slot is sized to allow for M3 nuts or M3 Hex Head bolts to slide in the space. Perfect for attaching all sorts of interesting accessories, or linking together multiple cases with our 4U Case Joiner Plates.
  • A pair of custom extruded rubber “feet” come fitted on the bottom slots of the case. This rubber can be slid out when you remove an end cheek and then positioned on the front side of the case so that you can stand the cases vertically.
  • Power supply is mounted to a pair of inside bottom rails and can be re-positioned by loosening the fastening nuts and sliding the whole assembly left or right.
  • Options to mount power entry and switch on the side cheek or in a 1U panel (optional extra cheeks without switch/jack holes are available)
  • All three sizes of cases come with our high wattage, low noise, star power TPS series powered busboards and Meanwell AC/DC adapters.

Gig Bag for 4U x 104 Cases

The Transporter

High quality and durable padded gig bags for transporting your precious modular synth cargo—don't worry, there is enough head room to leave your system patched.

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4U Case Joiner Plates

Joins up to Three 4U Cases


You've filled up your Intellijel 4U case, but you still have the bug to expand your rack. Grab a 2nd or 3rd 4U case, a set of these joiners and double or triple your space.

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Specs + Downloads

LEGACY: 42 HP1.2 kg @ 177.4mm x 81.3mm x 218.3mm
w/ TPS30 MINI+12V output at 1.2A
-12V output at 1.2A
+5V output at 500mA
LEGACY: 84 HP2.1 kg @ 177.4mm x 81.3mm x 435.6mm
w/ TPS30 MAX+12V output at 1.5A
-12V output at 1.5A
+5V output at 1A
104 HP2.6 kg @ 177.4mm x 81.3mm x 537.3mm
w/ TPS30 MAX+12V output at 1.5A
-12V output at 1.5A
+5V output at 1A
Module Depth70mm (53mm above the Power Supply)