3.5mm Intellijel Patch Cables (New)

4 Pack of one Length + Colour

Follow the Rainbow—or Not!

Legend has it there's a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Our cables are coloured by length or available in white and grey (available for all lengths) for marking stereo signals, or going monochrome. 

We don't know if every patch you create will be gold, but we're happy to provide you with the rainbow.


Never run out of cables

Complex patches are much easier to manage with our new custom molded housing that is thin (8mm diameter) and short (19mm tall + 5mm strain relief) making it easy to pull and plug these cables in a busy patch. A wide variety of lengths also makes it easy to manage any tangle. They also have the intellijel wordmark and robot embossed on the sides!

All of coloured cables are coloured by length, but each length is also available in white and grey.

  • 10cm – Red
  • 15cm – Green
  • 30cm – Blue
  • 45cm – Yellow
  • 60cm – Orange
  • 90cm – Purple

Available in packs of four.