TPS30 MINI (Triple Power Supply) – 30W 3U / 6U busboard


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The TPS30W is a high power, super efficient and low noise studio grade power system for your Eurorack Modular. We carefully designed this power supply to perform optimally with even the most demanding, noisy and power hungry modules in your rig.

  • 30 Watt integrated switching power supply
  • Low impedance star distribution due to 4 layer PCB
  • +12V output at 1.2A, -12V output at 1.2A, +5V output at 500mA
  • Triple 120° phased controller for low induced noise
  • Output short circuit protection and foldback current limiting
  • Output overvoltage protection from transient overshooting
  • Soft start for controlled start up operation
  • +/-1% output voltage accuracy
  • Fits comfortably in an tiny skiff  but can also span up to 84HP  3U / 6U case
  • Connect up to 10 Eurorack modules.
  • Can be used to expand on the TPS80W or other TPS30W by chaining the DC inputs.
  • 9cm wide  x 8cm tall and max height of 20mm
  • Mounting holes can be used with 0.157″ / 4mm PEM snaps for quick install

TPS30W MINI Mounting Template