µMIDI 1UUSB/DIN MIDI voice and clock interface in 1U



The µMIDI  1U provides all the essentials to control and sync your Eurorack modular from your computer, iPhone/iPad, or hardware MIDI device with a minimum of fuss. No menu diving or configuration scripts, just two buttons. The connectivity, feature set, and compact size make the µMIDI 1U ideal for integrating your modular with the rest of your rig while not taking up too much space in your case.

The upper clock section features a dedicated 16th note clock output ideal for synchronizing a Eurorack sequencer like the Metropolis. A second clock output with selectable divisions can be used when difference sync events are needed. The run and reset outputs can be used to reset your Eurorack sequencers in tandem with any external sequencer or DAW.

The lower half of the µMIDI 1U gives you everything you need to control a single voice synth via MIDI. Just connect either a USB or DIN MIDI cable to the module, LEARN a channel, and start playing.

Future firmware updates over USB are made easy with the Firmware Updater software.


  • High speed ARM processor for low latency & jitter.
  • DIN or USB MIDI input.
  • Two clock outputs, one with selectable divisions.
  • Sequencer sync via run and reset outputs.
  • Precision 0 – 10 V note pitch output with pitch bend & portamento CC support.
  • Gate and trigger outputs for envelope triggering.
  • Mod wheel and continuous controller outputs for additional modulation.
  • Firmware updates over USB.

This module connects via ribbon cable to the µMidi JACKS 1U module or to the MIDI I/O jacks on the back of the 7U performance cases.

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Configuration Utility

As of firmware revision 1.11 the µMIDI supports configuration of some internal parameters via a browser-based configuration utility. Currently the utility is only compatible with Google Chrome.

Launch configuration utility


The module firmware can be updated using the Firmware Updater and a USB cable. Hold the LEARN button while turning on the module to enter the bootloader.

1.15 (2017-05-11)

  • Fix some settings not saving.

1.14 (2016-09-22)

  • Add option to disable clock outputs when sequencer is not running.
  • Allow option for CC output to respond to channel aftertouch.

1.13 (2016-06-22)

  • Fix USB communication problem on some Windows machines.

1.12 (2016-06-06)

  • Fix stuck gate when using last note priority.

1.11 (2016-05-25)

  • Ability to set coarse and fine tuning via RPN messages. The default tuning is -24 so that 0V corresponds to C0 in Ableton Live.
  • Send reset signal slightly before clock
  • Fix saving of settings
  • Compatibility with the new online configuration utility

1.00 (2015-12-04)

Initial release.



22 hp

Max Depth:

47 mA @ +12 V

3 mA @ -12 V


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