Metropoliscomplex multi stage pitch and gate sequencer



The Metropolis is a unique and powerful musical sequencer inspired by the Ryk M-185 (a Roland System 100m format sequencer.) but with many additional enhancements and functions.

The Metropolis comprises eight “STAGES”, each with its own assignable gate mode, pulse count and pitch value. Each stage can also have a special slide or skip function activated too. The slide functionality is a constant time portamento very similar to the Roland TB303 (unlike most synths/sequencers that use constant rate portamento) which produces a very musical and interesting result.

In addition to the base sequencer settings set with the sliders and switches there is a full menu of controls and auxiliary modifiers that allows the user to control and manipulate the sequence in many powerful ways including sequencer direction modes, pitch quantization and scale manipulators, clock dividers, shuffle and much more.


Some of the features :

Sequencer modes:
Forward, Forward-fixed, Reverse, Reverse-fixed, PingPong, PingPong-Fixed, Random, Random-fixed, Brownian, Brownian-fixed

  • TB-303 style slide (constant time portamento) with adjustable time
  • Stage skipping (double click slide buttons)
  • Internal quantizing in any key and a choice of 30 different scales
  • Can act as a master clk with tap tempo BPM control or slave to an external clock (with BPM detector)
  • SAVE/LOAD panel settings to EEPROM
  • Shuffle
  • Internal clock divider with odd/even/all modes and can also be used to sync stage changes
  • Sync output (sets output pulse on the first or last clock step of a sequence, used to slave other sequencers via reset)
  • Two assignable AUX inputs which can control: gate length, transpose, key shift, root shift, sequence length, step divisor and octave offset.
  • Config menu to set slider pitch range, clock div type, sync type and reset type
  • All menu actions are one level deep. i.e. press the menu button and spin the encoder. There are no hidden levels or sub menus (except for the CONFIG menu_
  • All the core original RYK m185 functions are there too. Read more about the original project here and here
  • User replaceable firmware chip
  • Link header on back to connect to other select Intellijel modules
  • Skiff friendly
  • *Current firmware v1.14

WARNING!  Be careful when connecting the Metropolis with the Whimisical Raps – Just Friends RUN input. The RUN jack is normalled to -12V and has been known to damage Metropolis outputs. Make sure to plug a cable into the RUN jack BEFORE plugging into any Metropolis jacks so you break the -12V normal.

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M185 history and Metropolis demo by Mylarmelodies

Intellijel Metropolis opus 1 from Dylan Brown on Vimeo.

Intellijel Metropolis opus 2 from Dylan Brown on Vimeo.


Updates are downloadable from the Firmware Updates page.

1.30 (May 16, 2017)

Major update.

  • Improvements to clocking and overall timing / performance
  • The AUX inputs can now track 1V per octave in P.Pre, P.PoST, and RooT modes. Config menu option added to calibrate them.
  • New aux destinations P.PreL P.PoSL and RooTL which work like the old ones used pre-1.30.
  • Ratcheting enabled by hold holding a stage button and turning the encoder.
  • TunE option in the CONFIG menu for assisting with tuning oscillators.
  • bSLId / bSKIP option in the CONFIG menu to toggle the default behaviour of the stage buttons between slide and skip.
  • rsT option in the CONFIG menu now has rST_r, “run” mode. In this mode the RESET input functions as a RUN input which is a gate input complimentary to the RUN output of the µMIDI. When the gate is high the sequencer runs. When the gate is low, it stops and resets.
  • Shortcut keys: Hold MODE, STAGES, STEP/DIV, SCALE, SWING or DIV and then press one of the stage buttons to quickly access commonly-used values.
  • Improved DINSync support.
  • Pattern saving, with 8 slots. Hold the SAVE button and click one of the stage buttons to save the current pattern. Hold The LOAD button and click one of the stage buttons to load a previously-saved pattern.
  • 8 slots for global settings. In the SAVE and LOAD menus you can use the encoder to select a slot from 1-8 before clicking it to load and save the global settings.

1.14 (Oct 27, 2015)

  • Fix a bug introduce in 1.14 that disabled the STEP/DIV function.

1.13 (Oct 20, 2015)

  • Fixes and improvements to outgoing clock when using external clock sync.
  • Prevent accidental triggering of slides when muting / unmuting steps.
  • Slider movements / currently played notes now display quantized value.
  • Reset to default settings: Click load, scroll to yes, click reset.
  • Keep pitch constant during rests. This can be reverted to the old behaviour by changing “rPC” (rest pitch) option in config to “yes”.
  • Encoder acceleration when changing BPM.

1.12 (Jun 23, 2015)

  • Fix loading of int/ext clock mode from a preset.
  • Fix upgrade of some modules where the clock would run slower than normal.

1.11 (Jun 12, 2015)

  • Fixes for incoming clock divider when used with an external clock.
  • Fix upgrade on modules with ATmega328p chips.

1.10 (Jun 2, 2015)

  • New d24 option under INT/EXT for tight sync with dinsync devices.
  • New incoming clock divider setting under the div menu, and aux control over clock division.

1.09 (May 26, 2015)

  • prev/next buttons can be used step between stages when stopped. The currently selected stage’s CV is output so it can be used to preview the note.
  • int/ext clock mode is saved along with the other settings.


Max Depth:



195mA @ +12V
8mA @ -12V


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