HexVCASix high quality VCAs + Summer in 8HP


  • Extremely compact /high density multi vca module.
  • Uses very high quality, low noise and super fast THATcorp vca chips (exponential response).
  • Leds for monitoring the cv control on each channel (also color coded to match the channel order of the mutagen).
  • High dynamic range: -80db to 0db with 0-5v control signal.
  • 6 trim pots on rear of pcb in order to preset attenuation for the cv (change the db/v attenuation ratio).
  • 6 offset knobs for manually adjusting the gain of each vca. you can use this to offset the vca so that you can use bipolar cv sources like lfo/vco.
  • DC coupled inputs accept cv or audio.
  • Sum and Inverted sum outputs: preset with -6db attenuation in order to give more headroom for overall mix. each discrete output is normalled to the sum bus, patching into a discrete output will remove that output from the mix.
  • Special 12pin header on the pcb allows the 6 outputs to be normalled to the six inputs of the Intellijel mutagen/mutamix via a ribbon cable.



Max Depth:



54mA @ +12V
52mA @ -12V





Demo: audio/video
Where to buy:

Analogue Haven (USA)
Schneiders Buero (EU)
Escape from Noise (SWE)
Post Modular (UK)
Equinox Oz (AUS)
Moog Audio (CAN)