Cylonix Cyclebox II

Cylonix Cyclebox IIComplex VCO


  • Wide 22 octave frequency range (50khz down to one cycle every 80 seconds)
  • 2 primary oscillators plus a suboscillator
  • 8 different waveforms for primary oscs: sine, triangle, sinepulse1, square, saw, squaresaw, sinepulse2, pseudo-random
  • 8 additional externally selectable wavetable shape sets for osc1: random pulses, truncated sawtooth, bipolar pulse, mirrored bipolar pulse, resonant sweep, mirrored resonant sweep, vowels, mirrored vowels
  • Mega mode combining 8 detuned copies of osc 1.
  • 16 nonlinear waveform combinations – like having 16 different synthesizers
  • quadrature outputs
  • externally controllable wave-folding
  • high quality “through-zero” internal frequency modulation of osc1 by osc2 with externally adjustable modulation level
  • internal and external oscillator sync
  • external control of internal fm level, osc2 phase and osc2 ratio
  • led display of pitch octave and lfo output levels
  • digital sound generation with low aliasing noise
  • 24mhz internal signal processing rate
  • 96khz output sampling rate
  • dc coupled output allowing very low frequency operation

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