special projects

Vancouver 2010 Olympics

We were very pleased to work with Tangible Interaction Inc. on many projects at the past Olympics. Tangible Interaction created these fantastic projects and Intellijel Designs contributed a variety of electronic and computer based solutions.

Contributions by Intellijel Designs include:

Origami Tree (Vancouver House Pavillion)

Coding, electronics and system design of the Origami Tree. It used individually adressable RGB LED modules from Macetech, a custom DMX interface and algorhythmic control software written in Processing. The system also received OSC commands over ethernet in order to interact with another tactile installation at the site.

Light Sticks (BC Pavillion/ Vancouver Art Gallery)

A beautiful array of glass tubes with rgb led modules on the tops and bottoms of each tube. Each stick  and lights were individually controlled by a computer running a series of different alogrithmically generated patterns. The system electronics were simmilar to the ones used in the Origami Tree


Screenshots of the control software I made in processing:

Digital Gateway / Interactive Wall (Robson Square)

This project was a by Vancouver based web/flash developers Switch Interactive to transform a 110ft hallway into an interactive digital experience. 15 short throw projectors were used to create a wall of continuous interactive animations with sound. Intellijel Designs worked with Tangible Interaction to create a bank of PIR motion sensors used to detect movement of people along the wall. The sensor triggers were processed by a single pc running a custom max/msp patch which then sent OSC commands to Flash.

Zygotes (Closing Ceremonies): One of Tangible Interactions most famous and brilliant creations. I have been very happy to have been involved with coding some of the functionality over the years of their use. Below is a photo of them being launched into the crowd during the closing ceremonies.


Seeds of Truce (Vancouver Public Library)

Timing controller for blower mechanism  (used to elevate the “seeds” in the tube)
Photos of the installation here.

Arduinome 128 (custom Monome clones)

A pair of completed Monome 128 clones:  Custom designed walnut frames, clear anodized aluminum panels and Sparkfun illuminated buttons pads.

Hacked Nintendo Wiimote IR Camera

This was a custom project for the Virtual Magician Marco Tempest. I used the IR camera from a Nintendo Wiimote and connected it to a microcontroller so that it could be serially interfaced to a computer.

Lightbeat (in Amsterdam)

Lightbeat (in Yaletown)

With custom heart monitor interface

Zygote Soundscape 1

This was one of the first incarnations of the Zygote soundscape system using Max/Msp.

Zygote Soundscape 2

A special max/msp patch and Ableton Live were used to process data transmitted from the Tangible Interactive Zygotes to generate real-time soundscapes.

Cover art design for MAC/CRES Audio Art Vol. 6


A pair of custom wireless remotes to control Tangible Interactive Zygotes.

Zygote Sequencer

Test of a MAX/MSP app we developed to sequence a group Zygotes for Tangible Interactive. Features implemented include tap tempo, color cycling, individual and group sequence modes and some special performance modes. All control is wireless via an xbee module.


Basic test of Specdrum, an interactive  installation in the works for the Richmond Olympic Oval. This is a collaboration between Tangible Interactive and Intellijel Designs. We developed an electronic trigger system for the drums that is processed by a microcontroller and sent to a computer running max/msp. The max/msp patch then generates the color sequence as DMX512 values and interfaces to the DMX rgb lights via a Lanbox interface.