Logical OR / Gate Combiner

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Basic Boolean Building Block

OR Logic is a way of combining incoming signals, where only the high values are sent to the output. This is very useful for blending gates together to create more complex rhythms, but it can also be used to generate interesting new waveforms.

Each section has three inputs and one output.  The top output is normalled into the bottom section’s input 1 to allow the module to function as a six-in one-out combiner.

Note this module employs passive diode logic so there is a voltage drop of approximately 0.7V between the input and output.


  • Combines logic voltage sources (triggers, gates, etc.) into a one logical OR output.
  • Top section normalled to bottom section, allowing either 3 signals to be combined into 2, or 6 signals to be combined into 1.
  • Passive design consumes no power and requires no ribbon cable.