6×3 Performance Mixer

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  • Very low noise and crosstalk between channels
  • Uses high quality Analog Devices switch ICs for mute circuit
  • 6 DC coupled inputs (accept audio and CV)
  • 3 BUS outputs A, B and C with Master volume control on A and C.
  • Comes with a 12pin ribbon cable and a header for connecting to the Intellijel HexVCA. This normals the six HexVCA outputs to the inputs of the Mutagen.

Each channel has the following features:

  • Attenuator control
  • Slide switch to select bus output A, B or C
  • Mute button (manually mute/unmute each track)
  • CTL jack for external control of mute. Muting control can either by by trigger pulse (toggles the mute on/off) or gated (when gate signal is high, mute active). This is selectable via a jumper on the rear of the PCB.
  • External mute signal can be any signal, not just square wave but must have some kind of positive rising edge (e,.g. not noise).

Example Uses:

  • Performance mixing and jamming: Quickly mute/unmute and mix different audio parts and CV sources
  • Experimental sequencing: feed cv pitch values, gate/clock sources and audio to the different channels and control the muting buses via gate sequencers, lfos and other CV sources for algorithmic compositions.
  • Mixes with FX routing: Subgroup selected audio channels to one of the bus outputs and route that bus to an FX chain and then return it to a different channel of the Mutagen (set to a different bus output).