Korgasmatron II Expander


Input and VC Q expander for Korgasmatron II

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The Korgasmatron II Expander module allows for CV control of the Q for each filter.

A unique feature of the Korgasmatron II design is that each filter can accept a second input with its own independently-selectable filter type. The filtered results of both inputs are combined at the filter output. The expander provides this second input. For example, you can have a filter on the main module set to LPF and then run a second signal into the same filter but in BPF mode. Both outputs will be mixed at the filter output.


  • Voltage control of Q for filter A and filter B.
  • Auxiliary input for filter A and B with independent filter type selection.
  • Attaches to Korgasmatron II via a single ribbon cable.


Width: 6 HP
Max Depth: 38 mm
Power: 0 mA  (passive)