Triangle Core VCO / LFO

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Our Dependable Analog Workhorse

The Dixie 2 is a great sounding, stable analog oscillator with six simultaneous waveform outputs. With a slim 6HP footprint, the Dixie 2 is a great addition to any size of system. In fact, you may want more than one!


  • Triangle core (superior for musical FM sounds)
  • VCO mode range: 1 Hz to 24 kHz
  • LFO mode range: 0.01 Hz (100 seconds) to 240 Hz
  • Precise tracking within 0.1% over 8 octaves
  • 6 waveforms, including: triangle, sine, sawtooth, pulse (with PWM), square (50% duty cycle), and a unique “zigzag” waveform.
  • Reversing sync (which can be made into soft sync with an external VCA or attenuator)
  • Jumper on PCB to select center or edge-triggered PWM
  • Header on PCB for connecting master voice controller (e.g. control of multiple Dixies in a polyphonic configuration)

The Dixie 2 has all the great qualities and features of the original Dixie but has been made a bit wider (6 HP instead of 4 HP) for better spacing and is now skiff friendly. The panel knobs are bolted on and the jacks have more space between them.

This makes a perfect modulation source to pair with the Rubicon. Add a µFold, µVCA and µFade and you have all the ingredients for a powerful and highly flexible complex timbre generator.