Full-Featured Triangle Core VCO/LFO

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The Workhorse Gets An Upgrade

The Dixie 2+ is a larger variant of the classic Dixie 2. Using the same great triangle core oscillator, it adds a number of features to make it even more versatile with only a modest increase in size. The Dixie 2+ makes a perfect primary oscillator for a modular system, or a great companion for the Rubicon 2.


  • 8-position octave switch for quick setting of coarse tuning.
  • Fine tuning knob that converts into a coarse knob when in LFO mode.
  • Dual FM inputs, with FM1 attenuator and switch to select between exponential and linear mode.
  • Pulse width control with attenuator.
  • Reset to 0 V hard sync input, ideal for percussive sounds or modulation.
  • Flip sync circuit similar to but improved from the Dixie II.
  • 6 waveform outputs: sine, triangle, zigzag, saw, pulse and suboctave.