Panner | Stereo Balance | Cross Fader | Dual VCA

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Modes: (determined via the jack normalizing/patch and mode switch)

  • Panner With audio connected to the Left Input, panning control steers the
    signal to the Left or Right output using constant power panning.
  • Stereo Balance – With  a stereo audio source plugged in to the Left and Right inputs,
    panning controls the balance between these two sources using constant
    power panning.
  • Crossfading – With two audio sources patched into the Left and Right inputs
    respectively the panning controls now act as crossfade controls. The
    resultant signal is is routed to the Left Output.
  • VCAs – With the Pan control centered and the VCA gain knobs fully CCW this
    modules becomes a dual exponential VCA. Separate L and R VCA CV controls but there is also a “both” control for using a single CV source to control the VCAs in stereo.
  • Uses high quality THATcorp VCA chips
  • Implements panning using a unique constant power panning circuit (most accurate method for controlling sound placement in a stereo image).
  • High dynamic range for VCA gain with 0-5V giving approximately -80db to 3dB
  • Separate inputs for bipolar and unipolar control of the Panning/XFading
  • Jumper on PCB to select bipolar voltage range: either /-2.5V or /-5V
  • Unique Vactrol based Stereo Width circuit: Used with stereo signal to vary the perceived stereo width from mono to stereo and slightly beyond using negative cross bleed.
  • Bypass switch to disable the Width circuit
  • Dedicated attenuator for the bipolar pan cv source.