Buchla compatible uStep ModuleModule

Buchla compatible uStep ModuleModuleµStep ModuleModule format (Buchla 200e)

This is a Buchla compatible adapatation of the very popular µStep in Eurorack format. The module fits into the Eardrill ModuleModule frame which must be installed into your Buchla system first.

  • separate sequence lengths (1-8 steps long each)
  • seperate gate lengths
  • store/recall patterns (8 locations)
  • 8 levels of shuffle
  • Separate sequence outputs with dedicated leds showing gate logic status
  • Relative and absolute timing modes
  • Gate range from 500us to 30minutes (capable of audio rate sequences)

Use this module for:

  • beat/trigger sequencing (great for polyrhythms)
  • control of adsr/asr envelopes
  • clock dividing
  • swing clock
  • convert gate to trigger

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1 ModuleModule space

Max Depth:

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