New partnership between Applied Acoustics Systems and Intellijel results in PLONK module

Intellijel and Applied Acoustics Systems ( A|A|S ) have teamed up to create Plonk; a Eurorack format module capable of creating a wide variety of complex and acoustically realistic percussive sounds.

For more than a decade A|A|S have been a world leader in the development and application of physical modeling synthesis. This has resulted  in the creation of award winning software products such as Tassman and Chromaphone. Now for the first time their powerful physical modeling algorithms are available in hardware form!


Plonk features:

■ Resonator section models strings, beams, marimbas, drumheads, membranes, and plates.

■ Exciter section comprises a realistic mallet model and flexible noise source.

■ Two Voice Polyphonic at full resolution (24-bit 44.1Khz).

■ Pseudo multitimbrality via CV selectable presets recalled  on each new trigger/gate.

■ Full parameter randomization possible.

■ All synthesis parameters can be assigned to the X and Y controls.

■ 128 presets that can be imported and exported via USB

■ 12 HP

■ MSRP $309

■ Release date Q2 2017