Metropolis firmware 1.30 is out now!

Metropolis has now been updated to firmware version 1.30 and with this comes a whole host of new features.

New in V1.30

  • Improvements to clocking and overall timing / performance
  • The AUX inputs can now track 1V per octave in P.Pre, P.PoST, and RooT modes. Config menu option added to calibrate them.
  • New aux destinations P.PreL P.PoSL and RooTL which work like the old ones used pre-1.30.
  • Ratcheting enabled by hold holding a stage button and turning the encoder.
  • TunE option in the CONFIG menu for assisting with tuning oscillators.
  • bSLId / bSKIP option in the CONFIG menu to toggle the default behaviour of the stage buttons between slide and skip.
  • rsT option in the CONFIG menu now has rST_r, “run” mode. In this mode the RESET input functions as a RUN input which is a gate input complimentary to the RUN output of the µMIDI. When the gate is high the sequencer runs. When the gate is low, it stops and resets.
  • Shortcut keys: Hold MODE, STAGES, STEP/DIV, SCALE, SWING or DIV and then press one of the stage buttons to quickly access commonly-used values.
  • Improved DINSync support.
  • Pattern saving, with 8 slots. Hold the SAVE button and click one of the stage buttons to save the current pattern. Hold The LOAD button and click one of the stage buttons to load a previously-saved pattern.
  • 8 slots for global settings. In the SAVE and LOAD menus you can use the encoder to select a slot from 1-8 before clicking it to load and save the global settings.