Dr. Octature

Dr. OctatureOctal phase shifted outputs Low Pass Filter and VCO/LFO

The intellijel dr. octature, another installment in the David G. Dixon 2164 series of modules.

The basis of the module is a 4-pole lpf inspired by the classic “cascaded ota” design, but realized instead with superior-quality 2164 vcas.

The “octature” refers to the 8 distinct, phase separated outputs (every 45 degrees, or two sets of four 180-degree shifted outputs). each pair has a different slope: 6db, 12db, 18db and 24dB.

The cascaded-stage design is similar to the filter found in absolute classics such as the roland jupiter-6 and sh-101. However, when put into self-oscillation this filter becomes a stable, 1V/Oct tracking LFO/VCO, with each of the 8 outputs giving a sine wave 45 degrees out of phase with the next.


  • Coarse and fine tuning
  • Range switch for lfo (0.017Hz to 300Hz) and vco (17Hz to 22kHz) modes
  • VC resonance with logarithmic response for smooth control
  • 1v/oct temperature stable tracking
  • Mono/quad resonance gain distribution switch for classic or enhanced performance
  • Unipolar fm1 and bipolar fm2 attenuated CV inputs
  • Single pcb design (very shallow/skiff friendly)


Max Depth:



72mA @ +12V
57mA@ -12V





Demo: audio/video
Where to buy:

Analogue Haven (USA)
Schneiders Buero (EU)
Escape from Noise (SWE)
Post Modular (UK)
Equinox Oz (AUS)
Moog Audio (CAN)