Audio Interface

Audio Interfacedual line level to modular and modular to line level interface

2 x balanced trs 1/4″ to euro modular level input chain
2 x euro modular level signals to balanced trs 1/4″ output chain
true rms vu meter with dbu scale
line inputs and outs use high quality thatcorp balanced line receivers/drivers
input chain level can be selected between -10dbv and +4dbu signal levels.
input also has +/-12db adjustable gain
output level can be set to -10dbv, +4dbu or euro (modular) levels
additional switchable +/-6db boost on output.
switch to allow monitoring of input or output signals
10hp and skiff friendly

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The module is split between L and R sides. On either side there is a
distinct INPUT path (in black) and an OUTPUT path (marked in blue).

The input path takes a TRS 1/4″ line level signal and converts it to a
modular level signal. The output will come out of one of the small mini
jacks (far left or far right). On this path you can switch whether
your source is -10 or +4dbU and you can use the knobs to apply gain.

For the OUTPUT path you can take your modular level signal (i.e. from
a VCO in your Euro system) and patch it into one of the two inner mini
jacks and the resultant signal will come out of the TRS 1/4″ jacks
with the blue squares marked as BAL OUT L and BAL OUT R. On this path
you can select whether the output will be Euro/-10/+4dB level and if
you want to add a +/-6dB boost to it.

For the meters: there is a switch at the top that allows you to select
whether you are monitoring the INput signals (signals coming in via
TRS jacks) or OUTput signals (signals going to the TRS jacks).





Max Depth:

35mA @-12V
73mA @+12V


$260.00Read more


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