Module Installation Guide

Intellijel Eurorack modules are designed to used with a Eurorack-compatible case and power supply.

Before Your Start

Before installing a new module in your case you must ensure your case’s power supply has sufficient free capacity to power the module. To do:

  • Sum up the specified 12 V current draw for all modules, including the new one. Do the same for the -12 V and 5 V current draw.
  • Compare each of the sums to specifications for your case’s power supply.
  • Only proceed with installation if none of the values exceeds the power supply’s specifications. Otherwise you must remove modules to free up capacity or upgrade your power supply.
  • You will also need to ensure you have enough free space (hp), as well as free power headers, in your case to fit the new module.

You can use a tool like ModularGrid to assist in your planning. Failure to adequately power your modules may result in damage to your modules or power supply. If you are unsure, please contact us before proceeding.

Module Installation

When installing or removing a module from your case, always turn off the power switch and disconnect the power cable. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or equipment damage.

First, ensure the 10-pin connector on the power cable is connected correctly to the module. The red stripe on the cable must line up with the -12 V pins on the module’s power connector. The pins are indicated with the label -12V, a white stripe next to the connector, the words “red stripe”, or some combination of those indicators. IMG_1650Most modules will come with the cable already connected but it is good to double check.

The other end of the cable, with a 16-pin connector, connects to the power bus board of your Eurorack case. Ensure the red stripe on the cable lines up with the -12 V pins on the bus board. On Intellijel power supplies the pins are labelled with the label “-12V” and a thick white stripe:IMG_1651If you are using another manufacturer’s power supply, check their documentation for instructions.

When connected, the wiring should resemble the picture below:


Before reconnecting power and turning on your modular system, double check that the ribbon cable is fully seated on both ends and that all the pins are correctly aligned. Failure to do may result in damage to your modules or power supply.

After you have confirmed all the connections, you can reconnect the power cable and turn on your modular system. You should immediately check that all your modules have powered on and are functioning correctly. If you notice any anomalies, turn your system off right away and check your cabling again for mistakes.