Atlantis Manual

The full Atlantis manual is coming soon. For now see the Atlantis Illustrated Supplement Manual for patch ideas.

Voice Architecture Diagram

atlantis architecture-01

Metropolis Ribbon Connector

The Atlantis has a header on the rear for connecting to a Metropolis via a 6-pin ribbon cable. With the ribbon cable in place, you do not need to connect the GATE or PITCH outputs of the Metropolis to the Atlantis with patch cables, the connections are already made.

You can still break the normal connections by connecting a patch cable to the Atlantis inputs, and the Metropolis can simultaneously be used to control another module from its front panel outputs.

To connect the two modules together, install a 6-pin ribbon cable from the MASTER OUT header of the Atlantis to the CTRL-LINK header of the Atlantis. Take care to ensure the red stripe of the cable aligns with the white line silkscreened on the module PCB. The correct position is indicated with a red arrow in the photo below. Ensure you do not connect the ribbon cable to the ICSP header of the Metropolis, indicated with an X in the photo below.