µJack Manual


The µJack is an unbalanced stereo line level output module and headphone amplifier.


See the Module Installation Guide for instructions on installing the module in your Eurorack modular system.

Front Panel



  1. HEADHPONE Level
    The large knob on the top of the µJack controls the level of the headphone output.
  2. MONO/STEREO Switch
    This switch controls whether or not the output of the module is mono or stereo. In mono mode, when the switch is to the left, the LEFT and RIGHT inputs are summed internally. In this case both the and R outputs, as well as both channels of the headphone output, output the same signal.
  3. LEFT Attenuator
    This knob attenuates the level of the LEFT input. The signal is unmodified when the knob is fully clockwise, otherwise the level is reduced proportionally.
  4. RIGHT Attenuator
    This knob functions just as the LEFT Attenuator but for the RIGHT channel.

Inputs & Outputs

  1. LEFT
    The left channel input. If nothing is connected to the RIGHT input this signal is also sent there.
  2. RIGHT
    The right channel input.
  3. L
    The left channel output. Unbalanced line level.
  4. R
    The right channel output. Unbalanced line level.
  5. HEADPHONE Output
    This is a stereo output intended primarily for headphones.